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Yard Sale Tales {week 3}

This last weekend was Lost In The 50's here in Sandpoint...basically tons of classic cars and girls in poodle skirts. It also meant that lots of locals had YARD SALES! My husband and I made a date of it by dropping the little one off with grandma and spending the entire rest of the day driving from sale to sale! The best part was we hardly spent anything!

The best deal of the day: vintage porch swing for $4!! I think I just fulfilled one of my biggest dreams! I have always wanted a porch swing like this! Its a little worn, but sturdy. My husband and I both really liked the color too. It has been painted at least two time, first red and then turquoise blue. We decided to stop by Home Depot to see if we could have a can of paint matched to the turquoise and while there we spotted a gallon of exterior oops paint for just $7. It wasn't the same blue, but it was pretty and I couldn't beat the price. I had decided to give up the hunt for the turquoise match, but then the paint lady decided she could try to get close to our sample color by adding a little green to the blue paint. And guess what! It worked! It was almost a dead match for the original paint! I am so excited!! We have already started the refinishing process so stay tuned!!!

Next up was this cute little vintage mirror and a copy of Huckleberry Finn that we got together for $2.50. The table top mirror is missing one little leg and the original stand, but I plan on hanging it anyways. Its very heavy and possibly silver plated...I will have to have my mom look at this one for me to figure it out. The book will join many others that are waiting for some book shelves.

I was eyeballing these crates at one of the sales and the lady told me just to take them home....for FREE! They are potato crates and I will probably use them for just that in the pantry. I also thought I could use them outside for my herb garden...we will see!

These weren't all the purchases this weekend...we also picked up a couple sprinklers, a seed spreader and a lawn mower all for about $25.
Can't beat that!
I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment!

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