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Yard Sale Tales {week 2}

I only hit up ONE yard sale this weekend! I know...I'm a little shocked too! Guess its cause I was just having too much fun seeing my sisters and mom! I scored a couple unique items and decided to combine them with a couple things from a yard sale a couple weeks prior. I think it made a nice little grouping!

I love all the mustard yellow that I have gotten lately! The Coca-Cola box is way cool and matches my its a box <3 LOVE!
The metal chair is a little sad...the seats paint is flaking off and the metal has rusted, but I just love the filigree cut outs on the back. With a price of $1 I couldn't believe someone else hadn't snagged it already! I haven't decided where  it will go yet...maybe repainted for somewhere in the house OR I might hit it with some sealant to prevent further rusting and use it in my garden somehow. I ended up getting the chair and this kitchen organizer together for just $10!!

Isn't it cool!! I had never seen one before...each section holds, aluminum foil, waxed paper and paper towels! It can be hung on the wall too! ( after picking this up, the very next yard sale had another

One find not pictured ( because I was using it ) is a tripod for my camera!! It was a total bargain at just $10!

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