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Show Prep - Vintage Whites Market SLC 2016

I promised you that I would be better at showing you what real life is like around here since its pretty obvious that I don't spend all my time on DIY projects and room makeovers. Today is just that. A glimpse into what my life looks like right now.

Trust me, there isn't anything pin-worthy about my house and I didn't even bother cleaning up for you because I've been painting nonstop in preparation for the first show of the season. That show just happens to be Vintage Whites Market (which is NEXT WEEK! eek!) and I'm so incredibly grateful that the founders of Vintage Whites (yes...the same ones with a killer blog and recently featured in Country Living Magazine!) chose me to be a part of their amazing show, that I don't even mind all the hard work and long hours I've been putting in.

Let's face it, the kids are watching way too many movies...

...the house is almost a lost cause and could really use a little attention...

...not to mention, my pregnant body aches from sitting on a hard metal chair for hours at a time.

Just when I think I can't paint any more, my husband comes home from a long day of work and immediately jumps in to help with framing signs, working on vintage furniture or anything else that might help me reach the end of my to do list.

In the end, I may not know exactly what the future holds or whether or not I will be successful in what I'm doing, but I have peace and faith in HIS plan for me no matter how crazy things are right now. So, if you need me, you know where to find me. I'll be the one covered in paint at my kitchen table painting the day away.

PS. I've added a list to the side bar of all the shows I'll be doing this spring!

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