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Spring One Room Challenge - Powder Room or Master Bedroom?

Its almost that time of year again!

Just a little over a week until the Spring ORC!

If you aren't familiar with the One Room Challenge it is a challenge hosted by Linda at Calling it Home. The challenge is to redo a room in 6 weeks -start to finish!

Sound a little crazy?
It pretty much is.  

I now have TWO successful challenges under my belt so I should know! Oh, and there are no winners or anything, its more about coming together and supporting each other during the six weeks of mayhem! 

In my first season I tackled my daughter's bedroom...

and last fall I took on our entryway.!

Both turned out better than I had hoped! 

Now what do you think I have in store for this season?
Well... I need YOUR help to decide!

Lets look at the options...

The Powder Room :
...though she be but little she is fierce - FIERCELY UGLY that is! 

No denying that the salmon colored walls have to go. The vanity could use a little personality. And the decor is lacking to say the least. We can't change (right now at least...) the floors, so they'll have to stay. 

The Master Bedroom : 
- incomplete with good bones!

This room has a good head start...the bed is done. Okay, well, that's it, but its a big budget item that is already in place which means I can put my creative energy into bringing the rest of the room up to the same level of awesomeness. Paint, new trim and possibly some sort of ceiling treatment are in order. Don't be fooled by the above picture, our bedroom is a hot mess right now and has been being used as a catch-all for all the crap from around the house. 

So. Now I am leaving the choice up to you. 
That's right! I'm putting the fate of my house in your hands!

Take the survey below and I will announce the winner next week!

Which room should I redo for the Sprint ORC?

Powder Room
Master Bedroom
Poll Maker

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