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Project: Curb Appeal {part 1}

I realized I haven't ever shared what the outside of our house looks like... 

It became most apparent when I needed some before pictures of our house and realized I don't have any - other than Instagram shots in the snow... 

Here's a before...
Before pictures of house

Do you see that tall bush to the right of the front door?


See that thing creeping in and choking the life out of our porch now?

removing an intrusive bush

Yeah, I mentioned to my husband that we should probably trim it back a tad.

I left for the post office and came back to this...

Removing an intrusive bush.


Bye bye bush, nice knowing ya!

Apparently if you move a man from North Idaho, to the desert in Southern Idaho he will find any excuse to pull out a really big chain saw.

Stay tuned!

MUCH more to come on #projectcurbappeal

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