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2013 Christmas Card

I thought I would share our simple Christmas card today!
Its nothing fancy, and I threw it together during nap time...which lately has been a mere thirty minutes when both kids are sleeping at the same hard to get anything done!
( Ellery's dress is from Myleah Clothes & Bows)

This time I designed it in a 6 x 7.5  format so I could have it printed at Costco.
Its only $15 for 50 cards w/ envelopes!!! 
You do need a membership to take advantage of these prices, but well worth it if you have one in the area (they aren't paying me or sponsoring this post, I just LOVE their photo department!)

In case your curious, here is last years card... I don't think I ever shared it !
Omg! Look how cute and little my kiddos are!
Where does the time go!?
Looking at this, I'm not totally sure how I managed to get so creative with a newborn! I seriously think I had more time then I do now with two toddlers!
( the deer background is from Mel Stampz - she has a gazillion free backgrounds and printables!)
Do you notice the reoccurring theme? Deer! 
I think it helps manly up the card so my husband likes them too...nice of me right! 
Haha! Well this is probably my last post until after Christmas so...
Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!!
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