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DIY Faux Leather Sign - Guest Post

UPDATE: I'm posting this again just in case you missed it, and because I have half a dozens project I'm right in the middle of! Its going to be a fun next few weeks for you all!! 

For now, see how I made this fun fall sign and don't forget I even made a printable for you all!!! Yay!

Today I am sharing a post that I first shared over at Domestic Bliss Squared.
Just in case you missed it there, here are all the deets on how to make your own Faux Leather Sign!

When Hilary and Jessica invited me to do a fall themed hand-painted sign, I had a mini panic attack when I couldn't figure out what to paint! I wanted my sign to be fall related and fit my design aesthetic (vintage western??)
I sketched and sketched and couldn't come up with anything, so I started to unpack some boxes (we are in the middle of moving in...) and then I spied it. 


Oh, how I heart you! 
As much as I loved it, I was not about to use up my precious yard sale leather for a sign that only stayed out for a few months. What was I going to do? I REALLY wanted the look of leather! 

So I did what every good DIYer does.... I faked it. 

yup. It was so easy!

All you need is:
Canvas (already painted yard sale/thrift store ones work great!)
Brown Paper Sacks
Modge Podge (matte finish)
Craft Paint
Step 1:
Crinkle up your brown paper sacks and tear into random sizes.
Step 2:
Use Modge Podge to glue paper to canvas- smoothing out the wrinkles some. You want to see the texture of crumpled paper, but not leave large bumps. Let Dry.
Step 3:
If you want to darken the leather, wipe on a layer of stain.
Step 4:
Trace on and paint lettering.
Step 5:
Distress with sandpaper
Seal with coat of Modge Podge

I'm. IN. LOVE!
It is sooooo me and it fits my decor perfectly!
I used turquoise and copper paints to give it the feel of verdigris copper letters. I love how the light catches it and makes it sheen in some places! 
I made a fun little fall vignette- playing around with my blue mason jars, vintage furniture and amber glass...isn't the pumpkin perfect with the sign! 
I hope you enjoyed my unique DIY Faux Leather Sign and my take on fall decor!

Click on image. 
Then Right Click to Save OR follow link this link- Give Thanks Printable- 8x11
(Lets keep more FREE images like this coming, please limit this to personal/gift use. DO NOT resale.)

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