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Guest Post: Tulle Tassel Garland {R&R Workshop}

I am happy to have one of my bestest blogger friends guest posting today! We actually went to high school together (I was a couple years ahead of her...I know, I'm OLD!) We reconnected through the Idaho Bloggers Guild just this year! Small world!! So without further's Rachel from R&R Workshop!

I don't know about you, but I am in full spring mode.
I love how much color this tulle garland adds to our home!
Such a nice change from the typical tissue paper tassel garland.

My birthday was this past weekend, and I realized we don't have a banner or garland for birthdays.  

 I wanted to make something colorful and that would- A) be a decoration I could use for both girl and boy birthdays so I chose yellow, teal, and red tulle. And B) Not rip when I put it away with our other decorations. 

You will need:

//Tulle. I used three different colors- 1 yard of tulle per color
//Twine or ribbon

There are lots of tutorials out there to make these garlands. I made one from a few weeks ago and instead of making ONE more tutorial- If you need to, use this tutorial from the Tomkat Studio. Follow her instructions until Step 5 and then come back here!

//I went an extra step and tied a know below the loop to help keep it in place.
//String each tassel onto your twine.

A fun garland for parties, baby showers or any holiday.
 I am keeping mine up for Easter this year!

 Do you think you will make one too? :)

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