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DIY Wood Mounted Photos {tutorial}

I first shared this project at The Benson Street a couple weeks ago!

Today I am sharing a fun project with's actually what I made for my husband's new office (only they turned out so cute, they may have to go in our home when we find one)! Its super quick and so EASY!

I love big photos and this is an inexpensive way to get big impact for not very much money. I did these 3 photos and two others for grandpas for less than $20!

Here's what you will need:

12 x 17 pine boards- You can use scrap wood or buy a 1 x 12 from any home improvement store.

11 x 17 Tabloid Print-  Have it printed on card stock instead of photo paper and it will only be about $2 it for an 11 x 17. I have mine printed at Staples.

Spray Paint- any color

Upholstery Tacks- $1 from Walmart

Step 1:
 Cut Board to 12 x 17. If you buy a 1 x 12 it won't be quite 12 inches, but that is totally OKAY for this project. Don't stress on it! 

Step 2: 
Spray Paint your board on both sides in color of your choice.

Step 3: Trim your tabloid print- most copy centers wont print full bleed so there will be a little white border that needs trimmed off. 

Step 4: Center on board and tack down each corner with on upholstery tack

Step 5:  Display! You can prop them on a shelf/mantel or you can use an sawtooth hanger as a way to hang them!

I think these are just so fun! They are also super easy to update when ever you want to change the pictures since the tacks just pop right out. 

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