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Belly Tales {8 months}

I failed.


#1- Ever is already 9 months, but I am JUST editing 8 month photos. I almost didn't, but decided I better finish what I started.

#2- I forgot to include his blanket in these ( like HERE, HERE , HERE...etc...)

Ever at 8 months is crawling and cruising, started saying "mama" when he was really mad, or maybe it was "grandma" since I swear he stopped saying as soon as we got back from our two weeks with my mom. He eats anything and everything, is wearing size 18 month clothing (thank goodness my sisters have lots of hand-me-downs!) and is all around less cranky with each day (praise the Lord!). 

Think I can get his 9 month photos done by the end of this month? 
Sure gonna try!! 

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