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Simple Floral Arrangement {tutorial}

Just want to wish my mom a happy birthday! I love her so much! She is amazing and has been such a support to me and my sisters. We really have so much fun together and I am super blessed to get to call her MY mom!! 
My sister and I were up early this morning being sneaky and putting together some flowers for my mom. I thought I would share how simple it is to make a flower arrangement!

Step 1:
make a grid with tape on the container you want to use.

Step 2:
Cut and arrange the flowers in the grid.
My sister kept the arrangement low with no filler. 

Step 3:
Ready to gift!
We used the flowers to hold the card!

SUPER SIMPLE floral arrangement. We are clearly not professionals, but it still turned out easy anyone should be able to do it! 
Don't you just love painted chalkboard container!?
We found it at the grocery store when we picked up the flowers. The light blue and pink go so well together! Plus, my mom will be able to reuse it after the flowers are gone.

Love you mom!!  

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