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Reclaimed Wood Media Cabinet

Happy Birthday to my husband!!
Since its his birthday , I thought I'd pull one of his projects from the archives! 
(oh, and yes this moved with us!)
Doesn't it figure, my husband goes and builds us a way cool media cabinet to fit exactly in the corner of our living room and then not even two days after we set it up, we find out we are moving! Haha! Hopefully it finds a home in our new place(if we ever find one...) otherwise this baby will be going up for sale!

He built this entirely out of stuff we had in the garage. 
He used pieces of the wood I gathered on  THIS trip to town....
It's the same stuff he built our office desk out of! 
The shutters we picked up super cheap last summer- see HERE
I love it! 
It holds all of our DVD's and has a spot for the Blu ray, the TV just sits on top! He didn't use any plans and just winged the whole thing! It is one of my favorite things in our house!

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