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Living & Dining Makeover {part 1}

Even though we are about to relocate to Southern Idaho, I thought I would still share my living room makeover with you all...granted, it literally only was finished a couple days before I hauled a bunch of stuff out to the yard sale! 
 Lesson learned, don't keep putting off decorating!
I broke this post up so it wouldn't be picture overload. Here are the before's...
Dining Room

Living Room
I only hung pictures to get them off the floor, in no way do I think this looks good, it was purely functional.
Also the placement of the fire place and sliding door makes furniture arrangement a challenge...I still question what the person was thinking when they built this house....
(well hello Bubi!)
I love my ladder, especially changing the blankets for the seasons. I picked up my green couch FOREVER ago from Fred Meyer- it was only $120, 50% off clearance price! I had to sit on it until I could get it paid for so no one would take it. It has seen much better days.
This was pre paint...don't you love our Craigslist recliner, haha, now has a home in some guys man cave. Oh and see that cow pillow on the couch, yea, took years for my mom to relinquish the cow to me! 
I had painted and retro fitted this tv cabinet umpteen years ago..I got it for free and just sold it at the yard sale!
I can't stand what a hodge podge mess the whole room is. 
No proper storage for things and the flow was terrible.
Come back tomorrow for part 2!

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