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Yard Sale Time

I bet you all have fun plans for memorial weekend, right!? Me too!! that's a total lie, because we are hosting a yard sale.

I love to attend yard sales but I'm not a fan of putting one on.

I did manage to complete a few projects in time (just to get rid of them...sigh). Here's a smidgen of what you would find if you came all the way here to hit up my sale...

oh, and PLEASE forgive the cell phone pics...I just took them and its midnight...I really hope I can snap some better pics in the morning!

...a few locally inspired signs on old oak doors- I will have a printable of these soon! yay!

I painted up this table, if you remember I said one came with my new chairs ? Here she is! Quite a beauty! I'm secretly hoping this doesn't sale...shhhhhh!

...a hodge podge of chairs that I finally got painted. 

We snagged this little cabinet for $10 at a yard sale the other day. The hubby added a coat of paint and an amazing reclaimed wood back to it! A quick flip! I will try and get a better pic before it sales!

We also have the usual yard sale suspects...clothes (the WORST to organize for a sale!), home decor items,   and who knows what else. 
Wish me luck tomorrow. I hope everything goes really fast so I can be done and spend my money at other sales in town. Not that I need anything...

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