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Practically FREE Office Desk {part 1}

I said I would share my office makeover with you and guess what!? Today is the day!!

A long while back I scored some amazing hardwood floors that had just been torn out of a old Victorian in town. My husband and I decided we could totally build an office desk with it. This was kind of a shoot from the hip, we had never built a desk...nor did we even really know where to start.

This is the room before...with this lovely lovely border...
good riddance!

After a little paint for the trim and some "oops" paint for the walls(a lovely sage green) we were ready to start building!
To start the hubs mounted ledger boards to the walls to support the desk. To save money and space we chose to do a built in "L" shaped desk.  Where the desk didn't go all the way to to the wall we added a complete set of legs, the rest of the desk only got legs on the front.
(you can tell this project was started last year...look how little Elle is!)

We basically created a skeleton to which we could nail down the reclaimed wood. We ran into some issues on how to space the legs, but in the end I like how it turned out. I must say the Kregg made this part go super fast!

I gave the desk frame a couple coats of homemade vinegar stain. Lovely smell that stuff...but sure looks nice. I chose not to seal it since we wanted it to match the reclaimed wood. I should have stained the legs BEFORE he installed them...but we kept debating between paint or stain. Nice thing is the vinegar cleans up easily!
Next he started nailing down the floor boards to make the desk surface. We didn't try cleaning them up much because we just loved the worn, aged look of the old wood. 
With the desk basically done we moved on to what I call my office hutch. We turned a bookcase on its side and I painted it white. We then added shelves clad with the old reclaimed wood and a closet rod for hanging fabric. He also added the reclaimed wood to the top to hide the plywood. 
To elevate it and so it wouldn't look like we laid a bookcase on its side, we added little feet cut from leftover 4x4s. 

At this point we have only purchased a Kregg jig(because no household project would be complete without buying a least one new tool)! and a couple 4x4s. Not bad right! Tomorrow you will get to see it all done!! 

Torture, I know, but I have kids to feed!

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  1. Great to see the bones of your project!


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