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Farm Life {part 1}

I consider myself a southern girl...
southern Idaho, that is. 
Trust me, it totally counts. 
If I am lucky, a couple times a year I get to go back to the little town where I was raised. We usually spend most of the time out at my grandparents place...

in the middle of farm land and desert with plenty of tumble weeds, goat heads and dirt to go around. Amazing how much beauty there is in old dirty things....rusty pickups, old tractors, and tons of sun beaten weathered wood 

I'm so happy that my sister remembered her camera and was able to to take all these great photos and get some shots of all our kiddos!
Especially this one of Grandpa and Grandma with most of their great-grandchildren.

It was so much fun getting to spend time with family.
My cousin and I even scored awesome bull skulls from my grandpa!
...we might have been a little too giddy over it.

Stay tuned .
you don't want to miss my awesome photo shoot with a total hunk...


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