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Belly Tales {5 months}

We have a mover!
Not only a mover but a BIG mover! 
He just weighed in at 19 lbs 12.5 oz!!!
umm...yea, that's more like the size of a 10 month old.

We've graduated to a couple solid meals a day...
he loves mango (he must get that from his dad) and strawberries.
This kiddo can get about anywhere by rolling...
or army crawling...
and is proficient at downward dog.
(this makes photo taking LOTS harder!)
This is the view I get of him most the day...
and by far my favorite when he gives me a smile...
Him and Elle are becoming inseparable. 
He is always craning his neck towards her voice and gets mad when he can't follower her around the house.
Can't believe we are headed towards the 6 month mark...and I have a feeling I'll have a crawler by my next update.

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  1. sooooooo stinkin adorable!! These are great!! I love his smile!


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