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Sisters Share it All {Pinterest Challenge}

So I follow three super cute blogs done by three sisters...Everyday Reading, Merricks Art and The Cloakroom at Victoria Station ...I'm sorta partial to them since I happen to be the middle sister of three sisters too. Kindred spirits, maybe? Any, who... they, like the rest of us, love to Pinterest, but as we all know, sometimes we pin pin pin, but never actually do anything. They are challenging all of us to pick 6 pins and do them in the next 6 weeks!

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

I have to say this sounds like fun. I am pretty good at making recipes off my Ymminess Board, but others have been my Sewing, Too Cute Crafts and Baby Boys Room Boards. Well thats going to change!

Here are my 6 picks for the Challange:

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Pig Easter Eggs

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Paint a Pig on Burlap

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Sew a Dress for Miss Elle

Pinned Image
Reupholster a Chair

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Create Cow Art for Baby Room

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Old Doors to Headboard

Wish me luck as I work to complete each of these over the next 6 weeks! If you want to participate too, head over to one of the sisters blogs to grab the button and post your projects!


  1. Wow, your projects are ambitious! Can't wait to see them completed!

    1. Haha! I think I can do it! I'm eager to see everyone else's too!

  2. You are going to be one BUSY lady. Wholly smokes. But those all look like great projects....I love the little pig eggs. Good luck!


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