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Pinterest Challenge {update #1}

So I had a little hiccup in my giddy-up....or is it hitch in my giddy-up? Guess I'm not to sure about that...


Originally I was suppose to finish up my little trip at my moms in Western Washington on Sunday, head back home to N. Idaho and dive head first into my six projects...but my cousin called and practically BEGGED...well maybe not begged, but asked really nicely if  I could stay one more week since a last minute trip was bringing her to Washington. Well its very hard to resist a cute pregnant girl(soooooooo excited about that!!!) so I stayed...but no worries!! I still can make this challenge work...

I decided to tackle something that has REALLY  been bothering me since I pinned this:

Seven Mistakes Even Nice Looking Blogs Make
oh yea...wake up call!!!

#1 on the list...overall design to big.

Give me a big fatty F!

My design was waaaaay to big...sure it looked great on my big wide screen monitor, but low and behold the design was way to large for a smaller screen( example: my mom's tiny screen) glad this issue was pointed out to me!

So I just spent a good part of the day, in between potty training and comforting a fussy baby, redoing the layout of the blog. I shrank it down and redid my header in order to fix the largeness. For some of you these changes wont be noticeable, but for those with smaller screens, I hope the changes make my blog more user friendly!
Only had one problem in this process....all my photos ended up way to large for the blog space. They kept overlapping into the side bars...ANNOYING!!! Maybe I am missing something in how Blogger design works, but I ended having to resize ALL my photos in EACH blog post....luckily I could do it from my Kindle, while nursing, but there had to be an easier way?

Please leave a comment if you know/understand what I'm talking about....and know of a solution? It might help other bloggers gain some knowledge and avoid the headaches I just went thru....ugh.

Will be addressing #4 from the list:
Adding links to each post encouraging you all to pin/ share things.
 Do you have tips or know of a tutorial that helps with this?

 and #6:
Clear contact info!
I added a contact page to the top of the blog ....better than nothing for now!

Will be working on those in the next few days!

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

Don't forget to link up and join the challenge!!


  1. Amber! I am trying to get in touch with you about the Idaho Bloggers Guild, but I can't for the life of me find an email address for you :)I was out of town when you left that comment on our blog and it kinda slipped through the cracks but I want to get in touch with you so I can add you to our group! Email me at sisterssuitcase at

    Yay! So excited to have you. Your blog and story is amazing. I can't wait to get to know you better. Thanks! - Holly

    1. ...hence why I need to address #6 on the list..! Sent you an email!

  2. I did wonder why your blOg was so wide! Glad you fixed it. Yeah tricky with size of pics. I don't play with my layout now for the same reason

  3. Amber what is your email? I tried to find it, too! xo

  4. I added a temporary contact page to the top of my blog. Sure hope it helps!! Need to learn how make some cute buttons, but that's not gonna happen until I get home! Thanks for everyone's patience :)

  5. Hey Amber! I see you have your name above your picture but I think you should also put your name and e-mail in your "about me" section? I usually always click the "about me" when I want to learn more about the blogger or contact! :)

    Blogger is funny about picture sizes - I think the only way to accommodate the picture size you originally set in your blog post is to make sure your blog layout has margins wide enough. I like making my pictures big (and I've had advice from some popular bloggers that all pictures should be uniformly big in your posts!) so I only have 1 column of buttons, etc. that way my posts section can be bigger. I hope that makes sense? I'm so glad I follow your blog! :) I enjoy reading your posts!


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