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Spa Wrap and Pig Pillow {sewing}

I thought I would share the gift I sewed for my niece Baylee!
My first REAL sewing project all by myself!
 It took a lot of seam ripping and redoing, but I finally got it right!

I love it! I used this Spa Wrap Tutorial for the wrap. I only changed it to not have Velcro, instead I sewed it fully together. I also was inspired to make my pig pillow from this Scrappy Owl Tutorial. My pig could also be a cow...who really knows, but I think its cute!
I asked my almost 5 year old niece what her favorite color was...she said the rainbow and black...hahaha! I love the combo of the bright colors with the black houndstooth fabric!

It seems that sewing a spa wrap is a right of passage for a beginning sewer! Give it a try....I can guarantee the recipient will love it!

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