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Belly Tales {week 28}

These last few weeks have flown by!

Somehow I have made it to 28 weeks without realizing where the time has gone! We have been so busy traveling for army, hitting yard sales on the weekends and most recently we have been fully focused on finishing our new office/ craft room! In the midst of all that I haven't really blogged about this pregnancy. I thought I would do a little update for you all!


Here is the cute way we announced it...we bought a blue balloon and had our little E stand with it. Believe it or not, we took this picture in the grocery store parking lot behind a fireworks stand! Lol! I fully intended on taking actual pictures with our good camera, but this cell phone photo turned out pretty cute! Don't you think? We sent the picture to our family without any caption and let them guess the news! It was quite fun, and PROOF that it doesn't take a lot of time or money to do a creative gender announcement!

We were pretty shocked that our newest addition will be a boy...I was convinced it was a girl since the pregnancy was just like my pregnancies with my fact it has been easier...go figure! My husband was more shocked than I, since he was also convinced he would only have girls. We have begun to put together ideas and gathering some things for the babies room. Check out my Pinterest board with all the fun room ideas!
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 We already picked up a couple gallons of "oops" paint in a very cool blue/ grey color. I was going to use the color from this room, but sometimes I think its good to be forced into a new direction.

Stay tuned for the upcoming room reveal- course that means I have to get started...

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  1. I was thinking of you today and I am so pleased that life has been good to help you through a tough year. Prayers as always.


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