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Pig Tales {farm life}

Since we didn't go to any yard sales this week I thought I would give you a little peek into why my blog is called "Dimples & Pig Tales"...not Confusing? Hope not!

To help tell the story I shot some pictures earlier this week at the farm :)

This would be the "Dimples" cute little Ellery and her huge dimples...actually she has four sets...cheeks, knees, elbows and above her little tushy! Adorable! She gets her dimples from me{I am not as fortunate to have as many....just cheeks for me!} so I thought it was a pretty good reason to use Dimples as part of my blog name!

The "Pig Tales" part of the blog name comes from our farm that we run with my brother an sister-in-law.

Meet some at the characters of the farm...

This is Norman the nieces in Oregon are responsible for him.

This is Belle, the calf, she was born on my Sweet Angel Averie's birthday <3

This is Gus, my brother and sister-in-laws dog. He's awesome and pretty much the coolest dog ever...shhh....don't tell my dogs that.

and the pigs...
These are some of the pigs that we had from our spring litter...pretty sure a few of these will be competing at the Bonner County Fair in a few weeks!
 Prize pigs maybe??

and this is Sue...
or maybe its Shirley...?
I can't tell them apart. Does that make me a bad pig mom?, all I know is that she's a momma pig and she has mighty fine looking babies.

There are a few other critters that I don't have pics of yet...some ducks...a lot of chickens and our mama cow Buttercup. I'll update this post as I get some pictures!

Look! My little Dimples helping with the Pigs...

Dimples and Pig Tales!

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