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{Averie's Tree}

We planted {Averie's Tree} to celebrate our beautiful angel's 8th birthday. We picked this Weeping Cherry Tree...

 it depicts everything I feel when I think about Averie. Every spring( hopefully right around her birthday!) we will get to see it bloom Averie's favorite color, PINK!  How precious is that! I picked the weeping tree to represent both my sadness and my happiness. I miss my daughter so much, but I know she is in heaven...playing with her brother...running, riding horses, dancing, singing,...all the things that she slowly lost the ability to do here on earth. Every time I see this tree I will think of her strength to fight and grow. The wispy flowing branches remind me of her spirit, free and beautiful.

The pink blooms remind me of her diva side, all princess all the time. This tree is also a place for me to come when I miss her,...something to watch each year become bigger and even more beautiful, just like she would've done if she were here.

I envision many years to come...of Ellery playing under this tree...of family picnics in the shade of its branches...the anticipation of those first spring blossoms...seeing the branches blow in the breeze from my office window...always there.

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  1. This is such a sweet post about Averie! A beautiful tree for a beautiful girl!


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